July 24, 2021

3 Common Mistakes Made in Web Development

Web development has come a long way since its humble beginnings a few decades ago. Today, websites are dynamic, responsive, and complex. With the increasing complexity of web development, there is both more that is possible, as well as more that can go wrong. We are going to look at the common mistakes made in web development today.

Allowing Access to Someone Who Shouldn't Have It

One of the most common security vulnerabilities is incorrect permissions classification. This is when an individual is verified as having access to a part of a website that they are actually not supposed to have access to. This issue can come up from a web developer not paying attention to the permissions set within a website's directories, or an incorrectly-coded app that allows for easy malicious login attempts.

Not Setting Up SEO Practices Properly

Web developers will usually think they know how to properly conduct SEO practices, when in reality they don't. Some developers think SEO is easy and that they intuitively know what to do. However, the domain of SEO is vast, complex. and ever-evolving. SEO is also sometimes treated as an afterthought, when it should be kept in mind from the start of a website being developed.

Not Optimizing a Site's Load Speed

A website has to load fast. If it doesn't forget about ranking high up in search results and forget about getting people to stick around long enough for the site to load. Developers need to keep in mind that just because a 5MB background image looks amazing on a website doesn't mean they should use it. When someone with a slower connection attempts to load a website that has to load several megabytes of data and respond to hundreds of requests from code, they will exit really quick. Optimizing a site's speed will not even take that much time to do, for the most part. A good web developer will do things like minify JavaScript and CSS, reduce HTTP requests, and optimize all images.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the most common mistakes made in web development. If you want to avoid dealing with these mistakes, you can hire an experienced web developer who knows to watch out for these. When it comes to web development West Palm Beach, FL has professional web developers who can ensure your website will function properly and continue being the virtual platform for your business. For more web development mistakes, check out this video: