December 7, 2021

3 Common Mistakes With Designing Landing Pages

When you design your landing pages, you want to make sure they are created in a way where they deliver the highest conversion rate possible. There are so many choices you have when designing a landing page, which can lead to making web design mistakes that could be costing you traffic and conversions. We're going to do an overview of some of the most common mistakes with designing landing pages.

Having Too Few Landing Pages

Every service you have should have its own landing page. Every major product you have should also have its own dedicated landing page. Besides that, every promotion you are running should have its own page. You can even create multiple landing pages for the same product or service, if you have different audiences you want to target. When you have just one landing page, you will be going too general, which will hurt your conversion rate.

Having a Cluttered Layout

You may feel like you want to get really innovative with your website design. However, avoid going overboard. People will get turned off if they see a cluttered layout. Keep it simple and easy for visitors to navigate around your website. A single-column layout works really well for converting leads into sales. It will reduce the amount of effort someone has to do to figure out what a particular landing page is about.

Having a Difficult-to-Find Call to Action

You may have designed your landing pages well, but if you make a Call to Action hard to spot, you will be reducing the effectiveness of that page. Make sure the CTA simply can't be missed when someone scrolls down the page. To make it easier to spot, get rid of distracting design elements. Avoid waiting until the end of the page to place your CTA, since some people may never get that far. Design your CTA in a way that makes it contrast with the rest of the content on the page.

Wrapping Up

Landing pages are great lead magnets and conversion tools, when designed properly. Now that you know what some of the common mistake are with designing landing pages, you will be better equipped with designing better landing pages. If you need help, you can get it from an experienced website designer near me in Boynton Beach, FL. It's worth the effort you put into this, so place it near the top of you priorities list for your business.