February 16, 2021

4 Features a Business Consultant Website Needs

Every business consultant should have their own website. However, simply buying web hosting and installing a free WordPress theme isn't enough. You need to stand out from all the noise out there. Thankfully, there are certain features you can incorporate into your website that will make it shine. Here are some great features to include in your business consultant website.

Use a Sleek and Professional Theme

Since your business consultant website is selling your services, you need it to look sharp. Provide practical steps for potential clients to take so they can work with you. Provide all of the relevant information someone would need to know about your business consultant business. Have this information on the front page of your site, with additional information tucked away on another page.

Look Sharp and Engaging

Include elements showcasing your professional personality. Include photos of you dressing sharp, while smiling and looking approachable. Make sure the images are bright and crisp. Make yourself appear like you are open to engaging with your audience. You want to cultivate a sense of trust, so that people can feel comfortable working with you.

Use Powerful Typography and Colors

Every brand needs a convincing and unique way to get their message across. Typography and colors together can help make that happen. You can even help people associate certain typography and colors together as being your brand. When you combine a font that is considered more trustworthy, such as Helvetica, with a color that helps calm people down, such as blue, you make it easier to persuade people.

Create a Call to Action

A Call to Action, or CTA, is a what spurs leads to become clients. This could be you leading visitors to your business consultant website to ask for a free consultation, contact for more information, or to sign up for your mailing list. Whatever your CTA is, you should have just one, so it is easy for visitors to figure out what they should do.

Wrapping Up

Any business consultant website in Jupiter, FL needs their website to stand out. When you include the features we talked about above, you will stand out and attract more potential clients. Never underestimate the power a well-designed website can have on expanding your consultancy business and landing you more clients. There are many other features you can incorporate into your business consultant website, but this is a good start. Enjoy your new clients!