This type of theft refers to someone re-posting and claiming a piece of art as their own or re-posting it without proper credit. 16.9k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘arttheft’ hashtag A Houston burglary ring that orchestrated the theft of valuable artworks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with the aid of social media.

Art theft is rampant online, especially on Instagram. Reposting wouldn't be a big issue, if they just respected the artists' will.

Some creators don't want their art to be reposted on other social medias, while others allow that, but only if given proper credits.

It happened to Drake, Bow Wow and even Taylor Swift made headlines for not accrediting another artist’s work.

Surprisingly, it’s pretty common.

This is very easy to get away with on Instagram because there’s no system to report stolen art effectively. How common is Instagram picture theft? Some people think that since it's on the internet, they can do whatever they want with what they find. Art theft on Instagram has been a growing problem. Although it’s been known to be used by inexperienced teenagers, you might come across a case where a celebrity has stolen an Instagram image.