The damage can only be repaired if the player convinces Fox to work for Batman full time, or if Batman protects his tech from Penguin. Plus it is something he did as himself, not as Batman. When talking about Avesta's desire to impress Batman, he can note it almost got her killed. John Doe is reunited with his best friend. The beginning of the episode has Bruce Wayne stop whoever he didn't face at the end of the previous episode, Penguin or Two-Face. On a certain night in Gotham City, a group of mercenaries break inside Gotham City Hall. When speaking with Hill's secretary, Bruce can offer her a spot at Wayne Enterprises should Hill fire her. It is unknown whether the grenade was affected during Penguin's assault on the Batcomputer, but very unlikely, as it seemed to be a prototype. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] After Bruce explains that the two inmates started the fight, and one of them bribed a guard for a tazer, the psychiatrist. Even if this is before certain events, it can be played out like a son giving a nickname to his surrogate dad. Also notably, he is not using his voice changer while speaking to the kid. Well, a lot of things, some that neither party expects. It's a choice of what can be said, sure, but it's still a nice sentiment if chosen. If Selina is romanced the Batcave scene is especially heartwarming for all three people present. If Red is chosen, it will read "Taking me," with a drawing of the words being connected to Arkham Asylum. Last time you saw Joker, he was losing his sanity, laughing uncontrollably. Think you got more of her in you, tell the truth. If you choose to have Lucius come work with you rather than stay at Wayne Enterprises he becomes invaluable, developing a strobe grenade and repairing your damaged batsuit. As Batman grapples into the shadows, Gordon says "I'm glad you're on our side." It is unknown how sharp the Batarangs were, but Batman mentioned on several occasions that he could refine the edges to make them more aerodynamic. Batman would sometimes also use it to listen to communication signals, mostly those used by the GCPD, and to spy on criminals. Harder when it's Gotham City. Give Bruce a big hug (while he's still wearing his Batsuit! Though it's one that may not go appreciated, given what happens next, you can refuse Selina's offers because you.

Work Search: Depending on your choices, the first line in Alfred's codex entry is "I am not my father's son. However, like most of the tech used by Batman, it was rendered useless when Penguin hacked the Batcomputer. Do I really hate myself and DC that much?)

You need a mentor. Bruce even stares at him after that speech before dialogue options come up, and the player can tell John it was beautiful. From promising to protect his family to saying that Lucius was the center of the work they did. Less than a minute made the entire Vigilante run, the good and the bad. Bruce having a pet-name for Alfred and being rather nice to him. The smile on her face indicates that Bruce's offer has truly lifted her spirits, considering how nervous she was acting when Bruce first entered Hill's office. Choosing to visit Mayor Hill as Bruce Wayne has a couple of. Batman would also use the smoke grenades to cover his escapes, as he did when Mayor Hill's guards surrounded him. Most of Bruce and Selina's interactions can end up being this. Hell, Falcone's attitude in general is heartwarming if you pick all the right dialog choices; he has nothing but fondness in his voice when he talks about Martha, saying that Bruce's parents kept him in the dark for his sake, and even mentions that he has an entire closet full of birthday presents he was never able to give Bruce. In Gordon's case he tells Bruce that Gotham and the GCPD all owe him a debt for his service. The very fact that kid was initially afraid of Bats, but once given a chance to talk to him warms up quickly to the Caped Crusader we get a poignant reminder that children don't fear the Batman and regard him as a hero no matter what adults might think.