Finding contact details of a business may be done in two ways: first, by category of the business and second, by the name of the business itself. You can also send an SMS to 1234 to request the phone number of a person or business. If you are looking for a person, you may be asked to provide the following information: Last name, first name, city, state and zip code. Please enter a valid Australian mobile number. International Directory Assistance When you need to find an address or phone number of a person or a company, what will perhaps immediately come to mind is to call your phone service to ask for their help. You can contact them to add yourself in, it usually costs about last we heard.

The operator will asses if you’re eligible for the service. You can ask 1234 any question, such as “What's the weather tomorrow?” or “What movies are showing at my local cinema?” - How great is that! Handy if you know the name of a business or person and just need the number. When you call 1234 you'll speak to an operator who can connect you to a person, business or government body listed in the White Pages® or Yellow Pages®.

You may also do the same for a business that you are trying to locate. DETAILED STEPS. Similar services exist in Canada and can be accessed by dialling 800-555-1212. Usually, major phone service providers have online directories.

International Directory Assistance uses speech recognition software to look up the telephone number for you by asking you “What country,” “What city” and “What listing”. IDA - International Directory Assistance. However, if your query yields too many results; you may refine your search by adding the zip code and the city where you think the person is located.

Again, if your query yields too many or no results, the online directory may provide you with suggestions to refine your search. The form requires you to state why you are applying for the service e.g. Since toll free numbers are piggy-backed and ring into your existing phone line, any features you currently subscribe to will continue to work just like normal.One of those features are: International & Directory Assistance. Get the latest COVID-19 customer updates. While this may be the most convenient way to find an address or telephone number, this may not be the cheapest option for you. It is very helpful to individuals who want to know the contact numbers of other people in distant places. To use this method, the first step is to research the company code of the caller’s long distance provider. Using the Toll Free Number Here, you will be guided on how to properly use the online directory. Note: It is very important to include the right zip code so the online directory can locate the person as accurately as possible especially if the name of the person or business you are looking for has several others that closely resemble it. the international white pages is an independent online information provider, bringing telephone directories and other information sources from several countries together in one place.. whitepages. One of those features are: International & Directory Assistance – There are a number of toll free 1-800 phone directories, we have one at (Directory here) that you can submit yourself to. Phone directory, Telephone directory, white pages, yellow pages Europe.

Want to prevent charges for international or directory assistance calls?

After hearing the recording, dial 21 and wait until the second recording was played.

In the U.S. and Canada, the number to dial for international directory assistance is 0; the caller can then dial 0 again to choose "operator assistance.". There are a number of websites that can provide you with international directory assistance.