Nénette should be used on a dry surface. Nénette can be stored and used for a long time if you take care when it is very dirty or very dry, to re-impregnate it.

Avoid contact with absorbent substrates (paper, fabrics, …).

Genuine Nenette Duster Mop - Ideal For The Car & Around The Home. Your hands stay clean as you dust, wax and … Used to soak then nenette duster in to allow it to polish and shine as you dust… The nenette duster can be used for months before its fringe needs washing and soak in Nénétol, but washed and soaked regularly, it can last years… Related products.

It is recommended to put the Nénette in its sheath after use. Anyone still using these? Add to basket. £18.95. Simply wipe this amazing Nenette Duster over your car, boat, caravan, furniture and all other hard surfaces for a superb clean and polish job. See also our Martin Cox Stockinette. Link to post Share on other sites.

My family used these in the 1960s. The original and still one of the best car dusters in today’s market, Great for removing dust from polished surfaces & dashboards, Impregnated with a petroleum wax based liquid polish, The liquid polish ( Nenetol ) will pick up & absorb dust particles whilst polishing the surface, Nenetol Original Liquid Polish Wax Refill 50ml, My Nenette duster was bought by my wife in 1956, our car then was an hillman minx.
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I remember something called a Nenette - a sort of duster brush for the paintwork, to clean and shine. Quantity.

The polish refill doesn’t come with the brush!!! In order to navigate out of this carousel please use …

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Other Nenette Listings: Single Original Nenette Duster Two x Original Nenette Duster Single Original Nenette Duster plus 50ml Nenetol Refill Two x Original Nenette Duster plus 2 x 50ml Nenetol Refills. The Nenette mop is a very high quality item which will last for years. To do this, detach the fringe from its sleeve, wash it (by hand or machine) and, once dry, re-soak it with a dose of Nénétol polishing liquid. Liger1956 137 Liger1956 137 Briskodian; FREEDOM; 137 569 posts; Location: Stockport Model: 2012 2.0L TDI 140PS CR Octavia Elegance Estate … The Authentic Original Nenette Car Duster The original and best car duster in today's market Has been sold for over 50 years Great for removing dust from polished surfaces & dashboards Impregnated with a petroleum wax based liquid polish The liquid polish ( Nenetol ) will pick up & absorb dust particles whilst polishing the surface .

It captures and retains dust, shines the car body and dashboard efficiently and quickly.

I am still using it to this Day still in the original metal tin. B. 2 reviews for Genuine Nenette Duster Mop.
Nénette is a cotton fringe impregnated with a polishing liquid, Nénétol. The Nénette® is also the ideal tool for dusting motorcycles or scooters.

Its pure cotton fringes are impregnated with a liquid polish.

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It captures and retains dust from car paintwork and dashboard leaving a shine.