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enabling a new partnership with a market leader), new proof of concept. Applications will be available July 13th. So if you don’t plan to study abroad nor do summer research for the $1,500 grant, and you secure a paid summer internship, you could use the SPARK tuition scholarship. Nazareth offers $1,500 SPARK grants to help cover undergraduate student costs for: Nazareth also provides a tuition scholarship for summer SPARK-eligible experiences that earn credit, bringing the total SPARK support to more than $3,900. For more about 2-credit summer internship scholarships for upperclassmen, see Register and Earn Credit. Conducts research to develop and promote policy solutions that address the college affordability crisis. But not completing the related coursework will result in a failing grade on your transcript.

We seek to fund highly impactful initiatives that would not be possible if they needed to wait through a traditional grant decision timeline. [email protected] is intended to provide valuable information to the museum field, arts organizations, educators, and workforce professionals regarding the role that museums and arts organizations might play in workforce preparation.

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Charity and Sparks have a shared passion and commitment to support paediatric research nationally. Your semester billing statement will show your SPARK experience tuition temporarily, until your tuition waiver is processed by the Financial Aid office. Download the slide deck or watch this 70 minute webinar from our Smart Justice round to learn more about the Michelson Spark Grant program. grant to launch a new community partnership with the Oakland Firefighters Random Acts organization. Organize your grassroots group and apply for funding to help make it happen! The AR Sandbox is an existing open-source educational tool that allows older users to manipulate the surface of a sandbox and create colorful visualizations in real time that convey sophisticated geological and hydrological concepts. Advance the revision and adoption of anti-racism curriculum development across systems of higher education. | Handcrafted by, Our Smart Justice funding round closed on August 3rd.

See Funding section below. Our programming has positively changed students’ perception of science. This new effort will enable network participants to establish a shared measurement of success, host a dashboard of community level indicators, and share stories articulating the values of clean water. SPARK = Students Pursuing Academic and Real-world Knowledge. Internship and research experience applications must be completed and approved by the drop/add deadline. (The waiver does not cover a registration fee of $25, nor any on-campus housing fees if you are approved to live on campus.). Also keep in mind: Internships are typically competitive and often include an application and interview process, so they are usually not guaranteed.

But if you are "underpaid," meaning will receive less than minimum wage (such as your internship provides a small stipend, covers meals, or includes a parking pass), you are likely still eligible.