North Palm Beach, Florida

GreenPro Environmental Health is a green cleaning and sanitizing company. GreenPro uses probiotics and advanced technology to clean and sanitize environments without any of the harmful side-effects that standard cleaning methods and chemicals cause. Many people don’t realize how important it is to keep yourself free from harmful toxins and chemicals. One conversation with Jim, the owner of GreenPro, and you'll be convinced that this new probiotic cleaning technology is the way of the future!

Our goal in working with GreenPro was to convey this same message on his website. We created a fully custom website design, and working together with GreenPro, filled it with pertinent information about their products and services. An important part of developing this website was preparing it for search engines. We conducted local keyword research to see which keywords would work best and then produced between 500-1000 words of content for each page, with these target keywords integrated. Many other onsite SEO tasks were completed too. The new website is quick, easy to use, responsive to all screens, and best of all, it's properly optimized for search engines, so over time, more and more organic traffic will find its way to the website.

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