Kundalini Kakao

Tallinn, Eesti

Kundalini Kakao (translates to Kundalini Cocoa) is a company offering exquisite organic raw cacao, grown by sustainable farmers in the mountains and jungles of Peru. Referred to as the drink of the gods, Kundalini Kakao invites you to discover the profound connection between Kundalini Shakti and the heart center. This divine power within, our inner Guru, awakens through the ceremonial cacao experience. Kundalini Shakti is the creative intelligence residing in all of us, connecting us to our essence and purpose. With the aid of Kakao, this journey leads to meditation and self-discovery, invoking the presence of gods, goddesses, angels, and ascended masters, enhancing the journey of Love and Awareness.

Our goal in working together with Kundalini Cocoa was to create for them a simple, yet effective e-commerce website, that would allow their customers to easily place orders and receive their products.


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