Sleep & Wellness

West Palm Beach, Florida

Sleep & Wellness is a store dedicated to health and wellness products. From mattresses and massage chairs, to air purifiers, to full-spectrum hemp tinctures. Our first goal in working with Sleep & Wellness was to establish a new logo and business branding. Then, the next goal was to create a custom online store, to allow them to sell all of their products online, and to help promote their West Palm Beach storefront.

We created the online store with a high focus on excellent user experience. We also focused on search engine optimization, from the very beginning. We conducted keyword research, chose the best target keywords, and then wrote thousands of words of SEO text to place into the website. We ensured that the online store follows all SEO guidelines, so it's maximally optimized for local SEO traffic. Next steps are already in motion, which are to promote their store online using social media and paid ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

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