February 22, 2021

How Realtors Can Get More Traffic to Their Website

Real estate web design can be pretty straightforward these days. However, there are certain tweaks you can do for your website to get more traffic to it. These tricks can help realtors get more clients, which is always welcome. The following are a couple of the unique ways you can leverage your real estate web design to generate more leads.

Simplify Your Website

People tend to get overwhelmed when they are given lots of options. This is why you should simplify your real estate web design. You can go the extreme route and simply have a beautiful backdrop of a rooftop terrace, with a button in the center of the page that says "View Current Listings" for people to see what you currently have to offer.

At the core of your user experience should be a way for people to search for real estate and testimonials. The listings are what people will want to see and the testimonials provide social proof for people who want to figure out whether you are a good realtor to work with.

Use Website Heatmaps

website heatmap example

If you are afraid of going too minimalist with your real estate web design, you can use a website heatmap to see where people are looking and clicking the most. Knowing where visitors to your real estate website look when they come can help you optimize your website's design. What may seem intuitive and user-friendly to you may not appear that way to someone else.

This is where a heatmap comes in handy. There is special software that can track where people are clicking and navigating. When you sign up with one of these services, you can see a heatmap generated that shows the average of all the clicks and navigation of all visitors over a month.

These are two very powerful tweaks that you can make to your real estate web design that will increase the number of visitors, leads, and clients. When you create a seamless and simple user experience for visitors to your real estate website, you are more likely to get more business as a result.

Real estate web design in Boynton Beach, FL can use some tweaks to generate more leads and clients. These are well worth the time and money you will put into them. When you follow our advice, you will be able to get ahead of the competition and land more clients.