January 2, 2022

How to Choose a Winning Color Scheme for Your Website

If you are even slightly colorblind, you are probably worried about not picking the right color scheme for your website. Even if you aren't colorblind, how do you choose a color for your logo? How do you know what colors compliment each other well? Where on your website should you splash some color? We are going to go over how to choose a winning color scheme for your website, so you can have a really attractive website.

Select a Dominant Color

You are going to need a dominant color on your website. This will be the color most closely associated with your brand. It will help bring out certain emotions in your audience. You want them to think of you when they see this particular color. Different types of colors attract different types of customers and will persuade different kinds of purchases to be made. You can do some research on the psychology of colors to find out what color would be best-suited for your website.

Select Accent Colors

Even if you select a great color, having just one is boring. You will want to get some accent colors on your website as well. Accent colors bring the attention of your audience to specific places on your website. These could be in buttons, a Call to Action, or something else. To select the best accent colors to go with your dominant color, you can use a color matching tool. This will take all of the confusion out of the accent color selection process.

Select a Background Color

The last main color you need to choose is the one for your website's background. This color should not be so imposing. It should be a color that can blend into the background and make it easy for someone to see for hours at a time, if necessary. The color you use for the background will largely depend on what you will be using it for. In general, white is the safest choice, so when in doubt, go with white.

Wrapping Up

Humans are very visual and enjoy colors that compliment each other. When you follow these guidelines for picking a color scheme for your website, you will boost the number of visitors to your website and potentially gain more conversions. If you need help with picking a color scheme, you can hire a professional web design firm in West Palm Beach, FL that can take over this task for you, along with anything else related to creating a great-looking website.