November 26, 2021

How to Design an Amazing WordPress Website

WordPress is an unbeatable content management system that powers over half of the global CMS market. Over 75 million websites use WordPress to run. There are nearly 3,000 themes that you can choose from to use on your website. With WordPress being this popular, it's important to design your website in a way that makes it function well and stand out. Just installing WordPress and a theme quickly won't be enough. We are going to do an overview of how you can design an amazing WordPress website.

Select a Quality Theme

It can be tempting to simply download any one of the free themes available. However, these often are bare bones, lacking customization. They also tend to have weak support. Go ahead and buy a premium theme. Before you do, you should do some research. Final out how many active installs it has. Look at the overall rating, as well as the reviews. Check to see if it is regularly updated. Preview the theme. Pretty much every theme has a Live Preview option these days.

Use a Page Builder

Page builders make designing your website much easier. They are special plugins that make it simple to customize and create your website, using drag and drop interfaces. You don't even need to know any CSS or PHP code to create an extraordinary website.

Create a Simple and Clear Logo and Navigation Menu

A logo introduces you to your visitors, whereas a navigation menu allows people to find specific things on your website. You want to make sure both of these look professional and are clear. A navigation bar atop your website makes it easy to access every part of your website.

Create a Responsive Website

When a website is responsive, it appears just as good on smaller screens as it does on large ones. You will automatically scale your website up or down, depending on whether it's being viewed on a mobile device, laptop, or something else. Responsive design provides the best user experience, which will help you keep people on your website.

Wrapping Up

These are just some tips on how you can design an amazing website powered by WordPress. If this seems to be over your head, but you still want great web design Lake Worth has options for you. In Lake Worth, FL, there are professional and experienced web designers who will help design the best website for your needs. You can finally compete with the other players in your niche and increase your sales.