The Triad Aer

West Palm Beach, Florida

The Triad Aer is a revolutionary air purifier, which removes dust, allergens, and toxins from the air without using filters or chemicals. It's an advanced piece of technology, which helps thousands of people keep their environments clean. There are also a couple smaller versions of the machine, Mini Aer for a single room, and Shield Aer for personal space protection.

Our goal in working with The Triad Aer was to redesign their website, to make it more user-friendly, mobile responsive, and to improve conversion rates. Another goal, after the redesign. was to improve search engine optimization, so the website gets more organic traffic from search results. We are now providing The Triad Aer with monthly social media management and paid ads marketing, to help them sell more machines. We created several new landing pages and ads for the online marketing campaign.

Web design
Graphic design
Website development
Paid ads marketing
Search engine optimization
Social media management
Website support

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