Client is a website designed for students, parents, and guidance counselors to use as a resource for learning more about the options available for each college major and each college.


The current website is an excellent website built with Drupal. Our goal is to redesign it to look sharper, more modern, and to add some new custom functionality to the website before it officially launches.


We changed the brand colors a little bit, changing the blue to a darker tone. We created new designs for each page of the website based on the already existing style and information. We recreated the content structure and header links to make it an easier experience for the user. We are currently working on paid memberships, free trials, and a notifications system for the website.


Our goal is to apply the new designs and functionality and to get the website ready for official launch. After that our goal will be to analyze how users are using the website and to adjust where needed. We will help with their social media and SEO efforts too!

Services provided

Website design overhaul

Drupal website development

Graphic design