Cucina Cabana is a world class 5-star Italian restaurant owned by a legendary man named Aldo. He owns two more businesses literally right next door to his restaurant. Havana Shop is a high-end cigar shop right across from Cucina Cabana’s outdoor dining area, and connected to that is Aldo’s interior design studio.

Cucina Cabana was voted the “Best All-Around Restaurant 2020” and the “Best Place to Go Dancing 2020” in Palm Beach County by the Palm Beach Post!


We first came on board to take over graphic design tasks, social media management, email marketing and text messaging. After many months of working together our objectives have widened and we are also covering general PR marketing, paid ad campaign management, website design, and SEO for Cucina Cabana. We meet with Aldo and his team several times per month to discuss marketing strategies and results.


We have created a whole lot of custom designs for Cucina Cabana. We have created new menus, new flyers, business cards, gift cards, coupons, ‘leave a review’ cards, and hundreds of social media posts, as well as graphics for the weekly newsletter and text messages. We have written all of the promotional text for almost all social media posts, emails, and texts that have been sent out.

We are now working on a new website design so we can change out the old website to a new one that is more modern and built for receiving traffic from social media and local Google searches.


We are in the early stages of online marketing for both paid and organic traffic. We have begun Facebook and Google ads so we get can have instant outreach and traffic. We will be experimenting and comparing many different ad platforms and ad formats to find the best of the best online marketing methods.

Soon we will begin onsite search engine optimization of their website, where we integrate many different locally searched keywords into the website so that Cucina Cabana is on top of the local search results.

Services provided


Graphic design

Social media management

Website design

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Newsletter, text messages, PR

Local SEO

Video editing