Hert Transport is a highly reputable 30 year old logistics and transportation company headquartered in Estonia. The provide cargo and car delivery services across most of eastern Europe and the entire United States.


The first goal was to establish strong and consistent branding, then to design a simple, but professional website in this same brand style. Our overall goal in building the website was to ensure that the website is highly optimized for search engines. We planned on targeting locations all across their European service area for search results rankings.


We have now developed and launched a brand new website for Hert. It’s an easy to use, mobile friendly website which displays their services and makes it easy to contact them. We are now in the process of producing SEO content in 4 different languages, integrating various keywords into their website, targeting 20 different cities across eastern Europe.


After initial content production and website SEO tasks have been completed, we’ll move onto monthly SEO tasks like building backlinks and improving the authority of the website so it can rise in rankings!


Services provided

Logo re-creation

Graphic design

Custom website design & development

International SEO

Social media set-up