Innover is a locally well known and reputable construction firm located in Tartu, Estonia. They have extensive experience in completing commercial and residential construction projects all across Estonia.


Innover needed a simple solution to update their graphics and logo, to revamp their old outdated website, and to improve their search engine visibility.


We created a copy of Innover’s old website, then went through the website page-by-page improving elements where needed. We created a completely new homepage and updated the entire design throughout the website. We expanded the width of the website. The new version of the website that we created is fully responsive with a separate mobile version that adjusts all website elements based on screen size.

We produced thousands of words of SEO purposed content which contains our target SEO keywords within it. We are going to apply this to the website and then perform other onsite SEO tasks like optimizing meta title and meta description tags.


We are going to ensure Innover rises in all the related search engine rankings for their target location, Tartu, Estonia. We’ll also continually provide Innover Construction with website support and graphic design.


Services provided

Website overhaul

Website development

Graphic design

Local SEO

Social media set-up