Lighthouse plumbing is a company owned by an amazing local family. They are extremely positive people to work with and provide an excellent service, both residential and commercial plumbing in Jupiter & Tequesta.


The goal is to create Lighthouse Plumbing an attractive new website with great search engine optimization (SEO). Their current website is not up to date and has too many errors on it, so keeping it was not an option.


We are working on designing an updated logo and custom website for Lighthouse Plumbing. We’re currently in the middle of the design stage, soon to begin development of the website, which will be followed by keyword research and integration, and SEO content production. We will also ensure that the website follows Google SEO Guidelines as close as at all possible.


We are currently looking to help Jupiter Lighthouse set a strong foundation for future SEO and social media work, so their brand name can grow online!

Services provided

Logo recreation, branding

Custom website design