Matsimoka is a family-owned butchery that started off as a small family business several decades ago, but this Estonian family sells their high quality meat products in their own franchise storefronts, as well as in large chain grocery stores. Their meat products are very naturally made, meaning there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives used.


Matsimoka previously had an outdated website, so the initial objective was to recreate this website with a more professional and proper design.


We had to create a brand new website and in the process we saw an opportunity to give Matsimoka and their customers more possibilities. Together we decided that we were going to turn the portfolio of products into an online catalog which orders can be placed from. There is no shipping, so after choosing their goods, users simply select which storefront and what day they will go to pick up the order. It is a user friendly registration and checkout system, requiring users to only enter 4 fields of basic information in order to create an account or place orders.


The future of Matsimoka is looking bright! Society Web Solutions will be there to support Matsimoka as needed. We are currently starting keyword research for an SEO campaign, to increase the amount of traffic going to the website from search engine results in Estonia. The end goal is to make sure that anyone searching for related products sees Matsimoka among the top results. To accomplish this we will be conducting a full SEO checklist to align the website with Google SEO Guidelines. After on-site SEO is set up we will begin generating backlinks to the website from other websites to increase website authority.


Services provided

Online store development

Product price per quantity solution

Custom simple checkout development

Keyword research

Website SEO checklist completion