Chad Hanna and his Reach Estate Team are a home sales office located in Loxahatchee, FL. Chad himself is a local family man, business proprietor, and realtor with eXp Realty. Reach Estate Team is very involved in the life and future of the Loxahatchee and Acreage communities sponsoring local schools, sporting, and events – an important business in this growing community!


Our goal was to fully recreate the old website which had many errors, a bad mobile version, and an out of date design. We would update all content, fix all errors, and add a consistent professional style throughout the whole website.


We created a copy of Chad’s existing website, then with his help we went through the website page-by-page to get all the details of what Chad wanted these pages to contain. We created a completely new homepage and updated the entire design throughout the website. The website we created is fully responsive with a separate mobile version that adjusts all website elements based on screen size.


We are currently in the early stages of online marketing for organic traffic. We have begun with keyword research to discover what keywords we want to target with search engine optimization. Once we have decided on the target keywords we will integrate these into the website so that Reach Estate Team get found through various searches in Loxahatchee and a few other areas. We are also starting with a small social media posting and outreach plan, we are focusing on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Business at the moment.

Services provided

Website overhaul

Website development

Graphic design

Local SEO

Social media set-up