Woody’s of Wellington is a world renowned boot repair shop with unmatched quality and service. It has operated for over 33 years and in that time has become a staple in the equestrian community in not only Wellington, Florida, but all across the United States.


The current website was very outdated and Woody’s of Wellington wanted quick solution for this. Our goal was to fix up the current website and improve the boot repair ordering form. We needed to make it easier for the user to navigate to the form, to fill it out, and to then be able to print that information out.


We recreated the website header, footer, and content structure. We recreated a few of the inner pages. We applied a plug-in and customized it to fit the shoe repair ordering process. At the end of the process the information that gets filled out is emailed in PDF form to both Woody’s of Wellington and the client. From there the boot repair by mail service can be conducted with ease!


We are currently in the early stages of online marketing for organic traffic. We want to see Woody’s of Wellington dominating the search rankings for boot repair by mail all across the US!

Services provided

Website overhaul

Website development

Graphic design

Local SEO