December 14, 2021

Research-Backed Web Design Tips That Simply Work

Tips on how to get traffic are easier than tips on how to create great web design. That is why it helps to look at what the research says works the best when it comes to web design. We have compiled some of the most effective web design practices that will help turn your website into a place people love to visit and a tool that will help increase your sales.

Use a Descriptive Phrase on Your Homepage

Your homepage will probably be the most popular page on your website. Given this, you want to maximize the leads you generate on this landing page. A great way to help do that is to have a headline that includes keywords you want to rank for. This headline should let the visitor know whether they have ended up at the right place. Instead of being vague and clever, be descriptive and direct.

Answer As Many Questions As Possible On a Single Page

When you have a product or service you are selling, you should make sure to put as much of the information pertaining to it on a single page as possible. If a visitor has not found an answer to a question they had at the top of the page, they could simply keep scrolling until the get to the answer. Research has found that when a web page is long enough where it answers any questions someone may have, conversion rates increase.

Don't Use Tabs and Accordions

Most people are just scanning a page. They aren't going to bother with opening up tabs and accordions. If it's not on the page, they are unlikely to see it. Make sure your visitors see all of the content you want to show by keeping everything expanded. Scrolling is faster and easier for people than finding something to click on and clicking on it to reveal more content. As always, whenever in doubt, keep it simple and you will see a greater likelihood of success.

Wrapping Up

Research has found that these are some of the most effective practices when it comes to designing a website people love. If you follow these tips, you will likely see a significant boost in visitors and leads through your website. For more help with your website design West Palm Beach, FL has expert professionals who know exactly what to do for your website to become an effective lead conversion tool.