December 28, 2020

The Difference Between Website Design and Development

Web design and web development are two terms thrown around sometimes for the same thing, yet they are actually fundamentally different. While these terms are used interchangeably, by both businesses and end users, they do differ, so it helps to understand when it would be best to use them.

Web Design

Web design and development focus on two different skill sets.

Web design is when the focus is placed on the aesthetics of a website, along with its ease of use. A web designer will make use of programs such as Adobe Photoshop for the design of a website's layout and other visual elements that make a site welcoming and easy to use.

A web designer will take a customer's concept for what they would like their website to look like and bring it to life. They will ensure that the layout is balanced, using both heavy (large and dark) and light (small and light) colors, in the best proportions to achieve a balanced and pleasing design. They will also ensure that there is contrast between sizes, textures, and shapes, which helps bring a user's attention to specific areas of the website. They also place emphasis on certain elements on a website, in order to highlight something important. Finally, they make sure the web design is consistent and follows some sort of theme.

Web Development

Web development will use a web design as a template for how to create a website. A web designer will get deep into the coding aspect of creating a website, with the use of CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript programming languages.

A web developer is also sometimes called a programmer. This person will take a web design and make it interactive. A static layout is converted into a dynamic website by coding and using interactive elements. A web developer will use everything from basic HTML to a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, to create a usable website.

Web development is what actually powers a website. Web design is what makes it look great. Every business in West Palm Beach, FL needs great website design and development. Without these two aspects, you don't have a website, which means you will not be easily obtaining new clients and customers. When you hire experts in web design and development, you ensure that you will become a competitive business in this Internet Age.